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Benefits Overview

There are many benefits to working at the Wayne County Sheriff's Office. The list below includes not only the tangible benefits such as pay and insurance, but also intangible benefits that foster a positive work environment.

Positive work environment

Employees and supervisors are empowered with the ability to make positive changes within the agency. The following are quotes from a few of our officers:
    I love how our hours are, I don't have to work every day of the week. I enjoy the service we provide making the community safe. I enjoy having all the benefits of vacation, holiday, personal, and sick time available. I enjoy working here very much.

    I work for the sheriff's department because of the family environment.

    Working at the Sheriff's Office in the Jail is my way of giving back to the community in which I live. It's so easy to take from the community but it's not every day you have the opportunity to give back. The schedule is a bonus! I love the 12 hour shifts and working only half of the year. When planning vacations, it's possible to use 20 hours of vacation time and have the whole week off. Most of all, employees are treated with respect and dignity and family always come first.


In order for an agency to be accredited they must prove on a regular basis that they adhere to nationally established best practices in the industry. Proofs of adherence to these practices are gathered by the agency throughout the year and presented to the outside accreditation agency.
  • The Wayne County Sheriff's Office enforcement division is accredited through CALEA.
  • The Jail Medical Office is accredited through NCCHC.
  • The Jail is accredited through the National Institute for Jail Operations. The Wayne County Jail is the first Jail in Indiana and the seventh to be accredited


  • Merit Patrolmen's starting pay is $48,869
  • Merit Patrolmen Sergeants' pay is $62,451
  • Corrections Officers' starting pay is $40,170
  • Jail Deputies' salary is $42,570 and can go up to $46,898 with rank

Work Hours

Jail Corrections Officers, Jail Deputies, and Merit Patrol officers all work 12 hour shifts on a two week rotation. Because of this schedule, these officers all get a 3 day weekend every other weekend. Many officers find this schedule very attractive due to the number of days off. The work schedule is:
  • Week 1
    • Work Monday and Tuesday
    • Wednesday and Thursday are days off
    • Work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Week 2
    • Monday and Tuesday are days off
    • Work Wednesday and Thursday
    • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are days off

Days off

Full time employees are given 200 hours (over 16 work days) off per year in the form of vacation, holiday, and personal time. In addition to that employees get 48 hours (4 work days) of sick leave per year. This time is broken down as follows.


    Vacation days are earned during the first six months of employment but cannot be used until after six months of employment when the time becomes vested.
    • Year of hire: Up to 40 hours
    • Years 2-4: 80 hours
    • Years 5-14: 120 hours
    • Years 15-up: 160 hours

    Personal Days

    Full time employees earn 8 hours of personal time for every three months worked. Therefore, employees have 32 personal hours per year.


    The Wayne County Commissioners annually establish and distribute a schedule of recognized holidays. Holiday hours are given for the employee to take as compensatory time. There are typically 88 holiday hours per year.

    Sick Leave

    • All full time employees are provided sick days at a rate of 8 hours for every two months of continuous full time employment.
    • The maximum amount an employee can accumulate is 90 days or 720 hours.
    • An employee can cash out 1/3 of accumulated sick time at retirement with 20 years of service.


Merit patrol officers are issued a take home vehicle after successful completion of the Field Training Program. Officers have off duty usage of their patrol vehicle within Wayne County, as outlined in the general orders of the Sheriff's Office. Maintenance and upkeep as well as all fuel for the vehicle is provided by the Sheriff's Office.

Uniforms and Equipment

  • The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office provides all uniforms and necessary equipment for corrections officers, deputies, and patrol officers through a quartermaster system.
  • The provided safety protective equipment is unparalleled in this area.


  • A partially subsidized medical, prescription drug and dental plan is available to the employee with the option to pay premiums from pre-tax earnings.
  • Vision reimbursement of up to $250.00 per year through the medical plan.
  • Supplemental insurance plans can also be purchased.

Life Insurance

  • The county provides a $10,000 term life insurance policy. Additional life insurance amounts can be purchased from pre-tax earnings.
  • Life insurance can also be purchased through Boston Mutual Life Insurance.

Established Retirement Plan


  • The leadership and supervisory staff is professionally trained.
  • An employee assistance program is available by means of referrals and the coordination of professional counselling for those who are experiencing personal or job-related problems.

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