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Corrections Officer Training

Newly hired probationary corrections officers will receive the following training during their probationary term of one (1) year:

    Field Training Program

      The probationary officer will spend 160 working hours with a trained and qualified field training officer. During this time, the probationary officer will be instructed in the operations of the facility and duties of the corrections officer. The probationary officer will also be asked to fulfill the duties of the position and be evaluated on their performance. Upon successful completion of the program, the probationary officer will be released to solo duty.

    Defensive Tactics

      A qualified defensive tactics instructor will instruct the probationary officer in Indiana Law Enforcement Academy approved methods of self-defense and inmate control. These methods often include military and martial arts techniques.

    National Sheriff's Association Manual

      Probationary officers will receive a copy of the National Sheriffs Association Jail Officer Training Manual. Probationary officers will be expected to read the manual and complete the written chapter tests.

    Law Enforcement Academy

      The probationary officer will attend 40 hours of corrections specific training provided by an Indiana Law Enforcement Academy certified instructor.

    Probationary officers may also participate in additional in-service trainings that are scheduled throughout the year for all jail staff.

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