Wayne County, IN Sheriff's Office   

UVSU (Reserve) Officer Training

Upon being hired, new UVSU officers will complete the following training:
  • Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Pre-Basic Course
    • 40 Hours
    • Training consists of an overview of criminal and traffic law, firearms, emergency vehicle operations, domestic violence, mental health awareness, among other topics.
    • Completion of this course gives a new officer police powers only during authorized reserve activity or events.
  • Orientation
    • Upon completion of the pre-basic class, UVSU officers will attend an orientation program which is "on the job" oriented.
  • Field Training
    • Probationary Officers have completed the 24 hour pre-basic and orientation. They typically work security details (such as the Wayne County Fair, security for sports events, etc), always with other UVSU officers. Must complete 120 hours of Field Training within 1 year of being appointed.
    • 2nd class officers have completed an 120 hour field training program. They can perform patrol duties with 1st Class Officers and other duties such as out of state transports.
    • 1st Class Officers have completed a full 650 hours of field training and are permitted to perform regular patrol duties.
UVSU Officers are required to complete at least 24 hours of training yearly.

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